Data Compliance and Closed-loop Service

Based on legal and regulatory requirements, provide compliant, safe, and reliable data closed-loop services.

With the advent of the autonomous driving age, automotive data security is drawing more and more extensive attention from the industry and society. The state is also strengthening and optimizing the supervision over related issues. Built on its decades of industry expertise accumulation, and following the requirements of laws and regulations strictly, NavInfo provides compliant, secure and reliable data compliance and closed-loop service throughout the whole process. It supports OEMs to build technical IPs, and safeguards the whole life cycle of autonomous driving  from functional development to test and verification, through to mass production and use.

data-compliance-and-closed-loop service

Provide a variety of data compliance services on the vehicle

Compliance Mobile Device

Provide a variety of data compliance services in the cloud

  • User Administration
  • Network Management
  • Authority Management
  • Platform Monitoring
  • Platform Security
  • User IP Protection


Compliant Data Acquisition

We provide compliant data-processing service on vehicle-terminal at mass production phase, which guarantees data acquisition. Besides, we also provide compliant, professional, cost-effective data acquisition route planning and customized services to meet various needs for data acquisition in different scenarios at prototype development phase.


Geographic Information Masking

In strict accordance with laws and regulations including Surveying and Mapping Law, we offer customers flexible, efficient and precise space-level and attribute-level geographic information desensitization services within the scope of qualification.


Personal Privacy Masking

In strict accordance with laws and regulations including Personal Information Protection Law, we support anonymization processing of multi-source, multi-type and non-structured data, such as face and license plate blurring, so as to effectively, comprehensively protect personal privacy.


Data Supply Capability

To meet the demand for large amount of high-value test data in real-world scenarios during the autonomous driving R&D and test, we provide effective and sufficient annotation of scenario library dataset, as well as corresponding data production tool chain to boost the rapid implementation of autonomous driving R&D.


Compliant Data Hosting

We have built a compliant, secure, professional and easy-to-use compliance infrastructure platform. We can also provide diversified, customizable and flexible services to create a compliant, reliable and secure protection shield for the customer data, and ensure compliant use of data related to geographic and personal information.


Compliance System Operation & Maintenance

For the mass production phase, we provide efficient, secure and stable monitoring operation and maintenance services. For the development phase, we ensure fast, secure, and stable data delivery to assist customers in compliant functional development and verification.


Application Scenarios

Development and Test of Prototype Vehicle

We provide OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with whole life cycle data compliance solution for autonomous driving development and prototype vehicle development, test and verification.

Autonomous Driving Development and Iteration for Mass Production Vehicles

We provide OEMs with the whole life cycle data compliance solution for iterative development of autonomous driving, OTA update, and service operation, etc.

Crowdsourcing Map Update

Based on the scenario involving crowd sourcing updates of HD maps, we have build all new compliance solutions including crowd sourcing update, fast release, and automated algorithm update services.

Connected Vehicle Service and Online Ride-hailing

We provide compliance solutions for existing connected vehicle applications and the main operators of online ride-hailing.

Overseas Compliance

We provide all-round compliance solutions which can meet the requirements of overseas laws and regulations for domestic automakers to go global.


Use Cases