Privacy Policy

Update date:2022/2/10 effective date:2024/05/31

Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 2023


Welcome to, NavInfo Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “We” or “us”)appreciates your attention and interest in its products and your visit to this website.

The NavInfo Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Privacy Policy”) explains how we collect, use and protect your personal data when you access our Website ( and other associated functions and how you can exercise your rights to personal data. If you have any questions about our specific product or service and would like to know how the relevant data is processed, please refer to the privacy policy for the specific product or service. This privacy policy also does not apply to any product or service that may make API calls using the subdomain of the webpage, or that can be accessed through the subdomain of the webpage.

We are well aware of the importance of your personal data to you and attach great importance to protecting your privacy. We hope that you can carefully read the privacy policy and make the appropriate choices according to its guidelines when needed. We try to express the relevant technical vocabulary involved in the privacy policy in a concise and concise manner, and provide further explanatory links for your understanding.

If you do not agree to process your personal data in accordance with the privacy policy, please do not provide your information upon request and stop using this webpage. By using or continuing to use this webpage, you confirm the provisions regarding your personal data as stated in our privacy policy.

If you have any questions about privacy policies or related matters, please contact us through contact information.

1. The type of personal data we use

The following content summarizes the types of personal data we use:

1.1.Information you provide us with

When you submit a registration form through the 'Contact Us' page on our website or contact us using the contact information specified in our privacy policy, you provide us with specific information related to it.


We use cookies to enhance your experience. Cookies are text files that when placed on your device allows us to provide specific features and functions.

For more information about our Cookie Policy, please refer to the Cookie Policy.

2.How do we use your personal data

When you submit the registration form to us, in order to be able to contact you and handle your issues, we will collect your information to the minimum extent possible according to legal regulations and will not use it for other services. The specific information is as follows:

2.1.Registration Form Content

  • Your company name

  • Your name

  • Your department

  • Your contact

  • Province and city of the project

  • Any specific project

  • Description of specific needs


We use this information to understand the identity of the person submitting the registration form and the content related to registration, and to contact the person submitting the registration form.

3.How do we store your personal data

3.1.Data Storage

We will store your information in a secure manner, including local storage (such as using APP for data caching), databases, and server logs.

In general, we will only store your personal data for the time necessary for the purpose of use or under the conditions stipulated by laws and regulations.

3.2. Data storage area

We will store your personal data collected within China in accordance with laws and regulations.

We will not transmit or store your personal data across borders. If cross-border transmission or storage is required in the future, we will inform you of the purpose, recipient, security measures, and security risks of the information leaving the country, and obtain your consent.