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New Energy Mobility Service

New energy is one of the core trends of automotive industry transformation. Based on the map data and platform service expertise accumulated for years, as well as on industry needs for intelligent charging, smart mobility, and operation marketing, NavInfo works with charging operators to assist industry partners in developing customized, ecological new smart mobility service modes and service capabilities, to achieve intelligent charging and worry-free mobility of EVs.

350 +


95 %

of the public market nationwide

100000 +

charging stations

500000 +

charging piles built via in-depth cooperation


Intelligent Charging Service

Based on deep integration of industrial resources, we help corporate customers to provide its platform users with one-stop, closed-loop charging operation services, covering new energy mobility scenarios in multiple dimensions such as public charging, private pile control, exclusive brand charging station, mobile charging, valet charging and charging robots.

Cross-platform Control

We can provide up to 95% of public charging data, which has efficiently assisted corporate customers to provide cross-platform charging operation services for its users. Through pile recognition and diversified sensor data verification, we provide cross-platform management, plug-and-charge, and one-stop payment, etc.

Customized Development

We conduct customized development based on the needs of OEM customers, and provide innovative function services such as making private pile connected and controlled, charging default.


Smart Mobility Service

Based on high-precision positioning analysis and charging station vacancy estimate, we provide smart mobility plans, covering charging planning as well as energy consumption management services like efficiency estimate, battery monitoring, and charging safety.

Smart Mobility Planning

Built on our own intelligent cloud platform, we provide charging planning and charging efficiency estimate along the way to improve the mobility experience of vehicle owners.

Mobility Safety Monitoring

We can monitor the safety of vehicle charging status, and provide error warning service. We can also detect and appraise the battery residual value, output battery use report, and monitor the battery and vehicle safety in real time.


Operation Marketing Service

Based on the professional, reliable product development ability and channel integration ability, we assist corporate customers to make efficient, precise market-oriented marketing on its platform users, covering marketing services like charging card pack, operation monitoring and statistics analysis.

Precise Marketing Management

Based on dimensions like brand, time, incident and product, we conduct targeted development of various customized marketing products including charging card pack, charging service report and battery use report to meet personalized marketing needs of corporate customers for user acquisition, conversion, activation and fission.

Operation Data Analysis

We can provide project management analysis services based on data about users, orders and charging behaviors, and provide data reports for corporate customers to master project dynamics and progress anytime, anywhere.

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