connected-vehicle-service-for-commercial-vehicle connected-vehicle-service-for-commercial-vehicle

Intelligent Cockpit for Commercial Vehicles

Centered on the whole life cycle of commercial vehicles, we have created a variety of products and services including the software, hardware, platform and solution to meet the needs of different types of customers for intelligent connected vehicle service in different scenarios.


mainstream commercial vehicle manufacturers

2.6 million+

connected vehicle service users

1,000 +

types of connected vehicle service data

Intelligent Connected Devices

We have designed and developed a wide series of intelligent connected devices independently, which can meet the differentiated needs of commercial vehicles in different application scenarios, including basic functional needs like vehicle positioning, trajectory record and route planning, as well as safety management related needs, such as vehicle status monitoring, driving behavior monitoring, and cargo load monitoring enabled with the help of the connected vehicle service platform. As an important part of connected vehicle service, intelligent connected devices can serve a variety of sectors including factory-installation by OEMs, supervision of the transport administration departments, management of the logistics fleet, as well as finance and insurance services.


ADAS Series


Intelligent HU

Truck navigation

Speed limit by road section

Monitoring camera


2G vehicle data recorder

4G vehicle data recorder

4G video terminal



GB VI T-BOX meeting the requirements of fuel vehicles / NEVs



Smart load algorithm

Dynamic planning algorithm

Load Sensor

Load algorithm

Connected Vehicle Service Platform and Big Data Platform

Connected Vehicle Service Platform

Centered on OEMs, we have set up a factory-installed connected vehicle service platform linking the whole life cycle of
commercial vehicles (production, sales, use, operation and services) to make external and internal information no longer separated.
In combination with products like APP and intelligent connected devices covering the whole life cycle of commercial vehicles,
we assist OEMs to complete internal digital transformation, forming a linkage and interaction channel for OEMs, dealers, fleet and drivers.

Connected Vehicle Service Platform and Big Data Platform

Intelligent Big Data Platform

We use advanced big data algorithm for association analysis and deep insight into 1,000+ types of connected vehicle
service data. Based on customer demands, we can output such results as vehicle fuel consumption analysis, dedicated
operation route analysis, regional driving behavior statistics, site selection for service station, vehicle break-down statistics,
truck driver portrait and comprehensive efficiency of vehicle operation. With comprehensive big data capabilities of
intelligent connected commercial vehicles, we are devoted to boosting rapid development of the industry.


Map Service for Commercial Vehicle

APP Operation Service

Faced with the mobility scenarios of commercial vehicles, we provide such services as exclusive event platform, fleet management, member benefits, and member growth path building. We also output users’ full life cycle portrait for commercial vehicle OEMs with the big data algorithm to help OEMs offer precise services and precise marketing around valued customers.