navigation-of-shared-autonomy navigation-of-shared-autonomy

Navigation for Shared Autonomy

With the evolution of automotive intelligence, people’s needs for interaction with automobiles are upgrading, which traditional navigation can no longer meet. The new generation of navigation targeting shared autonomy can deeply fuse infotainment domain and autonomous driving domain to serve the autonomous driving as a smart interaction interface, and create the ultimate in much safer, more precise and more real navigation experience.

Product Highlights


Lane-level Refined Rendering

Completely restore the real road scenarios, and integrate dynamic traffic data and perception data from environment to improve the immersive interacted experience of shared autonomy.

Autonomous Driving Priority Route Planning

Provide prior smart route planning of high precision for autonomous driving, with the autonomous driving sections highlighted to make mobility smarter.

Lane-level Positioning and Guidance

Integrate multivariate data including GNSS, gyroscope sensor, wheel speed sensor and visual semantics, combined with HD map data, to achieve efficient, stable lane-level positioning and precise, detailed lane-level guidance.

Complete Restoration of Autonomous Driving Scenario

Completely restore the full process, full scenarios and full functions of intelligent driving to achieve ultimate shared autonomy experience, and improve driving safety.


Solution Advantages

Solution Advantages

The Ultimate in Product Experience

Fuse cockpit domain with intelligent driving domain, and provide the ultimate in immersive experience while using the navigation of shared autonomy.


High-quality, High-precision Data

Known for high precision, rich elements, wide coverage, excellent actual test appraisal, and the capability of SD and HD update and production from the same source.


Assisting Partners

Provide flexibly customized SDK products for partners to work out customized navigation for shared autonomy to meet the diversified needs of various models.

Use Case